Pennsylvania Agents Doing Business in Delaware

The border line between Delaware and Pennsylvania is fading as more Realtors become licensed in both states. Selling real estate in Delaware can be difficult. There are unique issues that come up in Delaware transactions. For example, in Delaware an attorney will be able to handle some items that are normally handled by the real estate agent in Pennsylvania. Also all non-cash deals will require a survey which can raise other issues. The issues that any agent selling real estate in Delaware needs to be aware of include:

  • New Delaware Agreement of Sale
  • New Agency Law
  • New Radon Disclosure Forms
  • How to handle Survey Issues

At Ward & Taylor we study the new developments in the real estate world so we can bring you current information. We offer services to help educate Realtors on what is changing and on practical ways to deal with real life situations that they face on a daily basis. Check out our education page for more information on what we can provide. An attorney from our office is always available to advise you on these differences as you work through your transaction. Just call 302 225 3350 and ask to speak to an attorney.

We would be happy to attend your next office meeting and talk about any topic you like. There are a number of subjects we offer that are helpful and informative. We can tailor a session to meet your needs and time frame. We can talk for 20 minutes or much longer depending on the topic and level of detail you want. We also offer classes for Delaware CRE credit.

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