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Title Insurance

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What is Title Insurance?
Title insurance protects real property owners and lenders against defects in the title to the property. Defects are things such as another person claiming an ownership interest, improperly recorded documents, fraud, forgery, liens, encroachments, easements, and other items.

Lender’s policy
Lenders require that borrowers purchase a Lender’s title insurance policy. This policy protects the Lender against defects that would impact the validity of the mortgage and lien position.

Owner’s Policy
The Buyer needs to get title insurance to protect their ownership interest in the property. If a title defect should arise, it can be very costly and time consuming to defend. It is well worth the investment.

Title insurance premium amounts are set by the state. The Buyer pays a one-time premium at closing for protection that will last as long as the policy holder or their heirs own the property.

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